Day two…

Today, Saturday, October 20, our team is back inside the hangar where we are stationed in our corner, answering more questions about our device. We seem to getting more media attention than previous days, and more people are rooting for us in the competition. Being the only high school team here has made us the underdog, but others want to see us win.

At our station, as of yesterday, we have a table set up showing some of our materials that we are using or used in competition. We have on display the rolling solar panels we used last year as team Lite Won. Also, a ribbon is attached to the ceiling in front of us with the device from last year on it. We do not want to expose our new device for fear of people touching and poking. However, since our device is similar to last years’, onlookers can get an idea of what our new device.

Also, today members of our team rented three spotlights to use for a light source. Due to the unfortunate weather, our team will most likely not be able to use to the sun to its full potential. Because of this, the spotlights will help us greatly. We should be renting one more spotlight, resulting in four all together. Our plan is to point two of the spotlights underneath the solar panels on our device, and have two more pointing at the 45 degree mirrors. We do not want to point all four at the solar panels for fear of burning them.

That’s all for now… We will update you as the day progresses.

Pictures from The Spaceward Challenge…

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Real Qualifying Round…Q & A…

First day of Space Elevator Games!


Today is the first day of the Space Elevator games. We’re inside the main hanger with the other groups that are here. The past few days have been qualifying events for the groups. The only four teams that have qualified are USST, UBC-Snowstar, KC Space Pirates, and us, the Technology Tycoons. Starting at about 11:00, the teams will be stationed in the hangers with their devices; onlookers, officials, and other teams can come around and ask questions about the device, specific parts, or the team in general.

Also, today is the first day that the new, 400-foot crane, is up. This crane will be used for the competition with the qualified teams. The four teams that failed to qualify are still permitted to use the crane for recreation, however they obviously cannot compete for the cash prize.

Looking throughout the hanger, one can see the qualified and non-qualified teams working on last minute details and curious onlookers. Our device is set up in front of our station, and we now wait eagerly for questions given by others. We will soon see who comes out victorious in the Spaceward Games.

Challenge Date Announced

The challenge will be held from October 19th through the 21st in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before the date, there will be qualifying events for the teams to partake in. Are you ready?

Salt Lake City

New Layout

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